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 Professional Clipper Blade & Scissor Sharpening


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Amazing Special Offer


Send 4 or More Clipper Blades


We Will Sharpen A Pair Of Standard

Scissors For Free



Fast Turnaround


Do you worry that your blades won’t come back on time, worry that your blades have actually arrived at the sharpening company, worry that your blades won’t be sharpened properly and you will be left without any blades.


We understand these worries because many years ago we were in your shoes; before we started a sharpening business we owned a dog grooming business.


This is why we can guarantee you a fantastically quick service.  As soon as we receive your clipper blades/scissors, we will sharpen and return them within 48 hours.


You will always be kept in the loop – We will phone/text you within an hour of picking up your blades up from the Post Office.


We can absolutely assure you that upon return, your blades will cut like new.


We are extremely experienced bladesmiths and because of our expereince can often rectify mistakes made by other sharpening companies.

When sending your blades, does all your anxiety revolve around letting your customers down?    

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