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Clipper Blade Sharpening






As Soon As We Receive  Your Clipper Blades - We Will Contact You To Confirm Receipt



We Will Sharpen Them The Same Day And Dispatch Them The Following Day 



Dog Clipper Blades

Horse Clipper Blades

Dog Grooming Scissors

We love dogs - we currently have a naughty Airedale called Benny - those of you that have or have had an Airedale will know exactly what we mean by naughty !!.  So the love of dogs inspired up to get into sharpening. We have been clipper blade sharpening and scissor sharpening for the past 11 years and still love what we do.

We don't sell anything because our expertise is in sharpening - we solely concentrate on this and strive to provide the best service we possibly can.  

Clipper Blade Sharpening ...24 Hour Turnaround - BUT ..... Same Day If You Are Desperate.... Just Tell Us On The Order Form

We know you need your tools back as soon as possible, so that is why we always send them back within 24 hours.   We are aware that on occasions, our customers are desperate to have their blades and scissor back as soon as possible, so if you tell us on our sharpening form - we will sharpen them the day received and send them out in the evening post - now you can get any quicker than that!

It causes anxiety, not knowing if your package has reached the sharpening company. 

We don't want you to have any stress, so we contact you as soon as we receive your package.  

As soon as your package leaves our premises we will contact you to tell you the Royal Mail tracking number, so you can track your parcel all the way back to your premises.  

Our Blade Sharpening Methods - Witout getting too Technical ...We Hope!

All dog blades, dog scissors and horse blades - leave our premises cutting perfectly.


We hope the following isn't too technical - for those who want to know more, there is lots of information on the other pages.



Clipper Blade Sharpening: 

Ok, many clipper blade sharpening companies use lapping machines to sharpen clipper blades - we have been there and done that...at much expense!!!  We found that lapping machines give an uneven edge so we switched to a precision hollow grinding machine, which we were delighted to find massively improved our clipper blade sharpening results. 

We use three types of clipper blade sharpening plates:

Dog and some horse clipper blades are sharpened on plates, specially taped for hollow grinding.  Small blades are originally hollow ground; this means that both the top and bottom blades have a concave arch to them, which enable the teeth to cut. 

After sharpening we reset blades to precise factory specifications, alignment and tolerances of tension.

Some large horse clipper blades are sharpened on flat plates.

All ceramic blades are sharpened by hand, using diamond honing plates.


Dog Grooming Scissors:


Dog Grooming scissors are sharpened on the most advanced, high precision equipment in the world,

We sharpen all scissors including left handed and thinning scissors. Most dog grooming scissors have bevelled edges (thick and robust), so we use an amazing machine that makes scissors cut like new. 

There are some dog groomers who use convex scissors (razor sharp and extremely fine edges) and we are pleased to tell you, we are experienced with convex scissors and are one of the only sharpening services who can fully convex a pair of scissors to how they were when originally purchased.

We take great pride in our work.  If when you get your blades back you are dissatisfied in any way  - please, please, please (3 times to stress importance ( :  get back to us and we will help straight away. 


We are a very conscientious company  - we are very friendly and are always willing to help.

Our Story ....... How We Got Into Clipper Blade Sharpening

So our story started out 18 years ago (where has the time gone?) - with me and my wife.


We love dogs (we had 3 at this time  - 2 Airedales and a Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen) so my wife embarked on a dog grooming course.  After her training, we started up a dog washing/dog grooming service.  We had a massive van with a large cartoon dog on the side.  We had so much fun, met lovely people, and wonderful dogs. 

So back to dog washing/dog grooming...We sent our blades to various clipper blade sharpening companies and were not pleased with the results.


When our lovely daughter came along, we thought what better than to start a clipper blade sharpening business. I hot-footed it over to America to train to be an expert in the sharpening profession, and now we have a small family business and have been perfecting our skills for the past 11 years.

We are very friendly and helpful.  If you ever require any unbiased advice, please do not hesitate to get in contact, we are always willing to help.



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